The way we change the world starts with an uncomfortable conversation.


Let's get Uncomfortable

It's time to talk about those things we really need to talk about.


The tragic murder of George Floyd inspired performer So Sique and writer Nick Bridwell to create a platform for real conversations about the social issues plaguing modern America.

Join us for discussions on racial injustice, the climate crisis, income inequality, gay rights, political division, and more. We're taking on the tough talks you've always been afraid to have. We hope this inspires you to have the same conversations with your friends, families, and coworkers.

Our conversations might be uncomfortable, but they are also extremely necessary for all people on our planet to not only survive but thrive.

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"Our Team fronts Uncomfortable Conversations out of our own pockets. It's not cheap and that's okay. We really love what we're doing with this platform. That being said, we deeply appreciate any support you can give to our media outlet. We promise to provide a transparent spreadsheet of all donated funds at the end of each quarter. Thank you so much for helping us make Uncomfortable Conversations something special."

-Nick Bridwell, Co-founder