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10 Reasons Progressives Should Vote for Joe Biden

by Jeffrey Karl Banks

The biggest election in modern history is coming up in a matter of months. That means it's time for all the Bernie Bros and Warren Women to put our pride aside and VOTE for someone we are reluctant to support in any way.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is not unlike most of the old white men who have ruled this country for centuries on end. With progressive movements flooding timelines and the streets around the world, Joe Biden doesn’t inspire the same passion and progress as other leaders. Some will say voting for him is voting for the lesser of two evils. Others will say that all people can change for the better no matter their past, even Joe Biden.

For all of the progressives, revolutionaries, and people desperate for a change, we've put together 10 reasons to feel better about voting for Joe Biden.

1. The next president will choose Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s replacement.

The current Supreme Court famously ruled in favor of the LGBTQ community and protecting them from unlawful firing based on sexual orientation, and most recently voted to restore land in Oklahoma that was being used illegally by the state in direct violation of their treaty with Native Americans. Given RBG's age and recent health, the next POTUS will likely choose her replacement when she decides her duty to the American people has concluded. If Trump is re-elected, he will no doubt install another loyal predator like Bret Kavanaugh. We can't afford to lose objectivity when it comes to the highest court in the land.

2. If you wanted Warren to be President, then you’ll love her as Secretary of Education.

Make no mistake, the Biden Campaign owes Elizabeth Warren big time. She bowed out gracefully and steered her progressive following towards the candidate she felt had the best chance to beat Trump. The DNC will continue to use Warren’s power and keep her close to home. Appointing her to the position she is most passionate about, Education, would allow her to make a huge impact. Especially contrasted with the Trump loyalist Betsy DeVos. Biden has hinted that the first thing he would do as President is replace Devos and that job has Warren’s name all over it.

3. We need a leader who believes in science.

The clock is ticking. Global warming is real. The current head of the Environmental Protection Agency is Ex-Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler. The United States is currently the second highest CO2-emissions producing country in the world, behind China. China has a billion more people in it’s population than America does. We need someone who preferably is a scientist or has worked in environmental departments to head this division. We need ocean farmers and geothermal engineers. We need the Dr. Anthony Fauci of climate change. A vote for Joe Biden brings us closer to drastically cutting CO2 emissions before it’s too late.

4. Biden has promised that his VP will be a woman.

If he makes good on this promise, it would be the first time a non-white male has ever held position of Vice President of the United States of America.

The pressure is on when it comes to diversifying the cabinet and administration. The current administration is composed of all white men with the exception of Ben Carson and Betsy DeVos, and they’re doing more harm than good. The time has come where women are kicking the door down for democracy. Young fire-starters like AOC and Ilhan Omar are not asking for freedom and justice, they are demanding it. As we speak, Biden is staring down a short list of VP potentials that includes Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Tammy Duckworth, and even Michelle Obama. If elected, Joe Biden’s Veep will be the junior of a President that would be 82 years old in his last year of office. A vote for Biden is also a vote for his possible replacement.

5. Biden will check on the ambassadors and repair international relations.

Since becoming President, Trump has removed the United States from International treaties such as the Paris Climate Agreement, The World Health Organization, The Iran Peace Deal, Trans-Pacific Partnership (which made up a third of the worlds trade, and forty percent of its global economic output), and the UN Human Rights Council for obvious reasons: When you pepper spray people out in the streets so you can get a picture holding a book you’ve either never read or clearly ignored, you probably don’t want to be on the Human Rights Council.

6. We can save the farmers.

The old ways of American culture, such as the life of the American farmer, are at risk. Most farmers were on the edge of bankruptcy and have relied on government bailouts to survive. Now they also face the ramifications of COVID-19 and the decline of commercial food demand due to lockdowns.

The American Farmer has been on the losing side of a trade war with China they had no say in. A vote for Biden gives America a chance to re-enter agreements to put American farmers back to work. We need to start making profits and we need to prevent the mega-corporations like Monsanto from monopolizing the Farming Industry.

7. Stability.

How can there ever be progress when the leaders of departments change every couple of months? Keeping up with the vacancies and firings of every government department under the Trump Administration has been akin to reading a George R.R. Martin fantasy series. Voting for Biden will place experienced people in positions they are qualified to run. This will impact everything from revamping the EPA to protecting national parks from pipeline spills. Of the 22 Cabinet level positions in the Trump administration, 10 of them have resigned or have been removed from their position. The turnover rate for the Executive Office is currently 66%.

8. What will he do for black people?

Well, Biden has a pretty elaborate plan on how to directly impact black businesses and their access to funding, government contracts, loan approval, and investments into small businesses. The most recent tax break proved only beneficial to the highest earners. Small businesses have been crushed by the epidemic and many have closed their doors forever. We know the prison industrial complex disproportionately impacts the poor and black communities and rich people seem to get a good lawyer and great deals. Joe Biden understands how we got here and he is pledging to end the bail system to ensure situations like Kaleif Browder never happen again simply because people can’t afford to be bailed out. The cherry on top of this proverbial justice sundae is the possibility of Joe Biden nominating Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

9. He will end family separation and ICE detention Centers.

One day in the near future we will look back on what happened during the Trump Administration and say that we lived during a time that there were concentration camps in American towns all around the country; that children were sleeping on concrete floors with foil blankets. Small toddlers have gone months, and in some cases over a year, without seeing their mother. They might not even remember what their mothers look like. A Lawyer for the Department of Justice and direct legal spokesperson for ICE actually argued in front of a judge whether soap and access to a toothbrush were necessary to consider a child safe. This will be a fresh deep wound on American History. A vote for Biden will end this cruel practice immediately.

10. Ghost of Biden’s Past.

It is well-known that Biden was a vital part of the War on Crime Bills and the reason for the current prison industrial complex of the nation. He understands his role and he understands what he needs to do to fix it. He plans on removing mandatory minimums and will give states incentives to repeal their minimum sentencing practices. He also acknowledges, and wants to end, the discrepancy between crack and powder cocaine sentencing. Although he is still slow on the legalization train for marijuana, he is open to decriminalizing the use of it and expunging all prior cannabis convictions. This is Biden taking responsibility and offering accountability. This is Joe Biden making the first step to righting his wrongs. Compare this to a vote for Trump who is historically incapable of admitting his fault in anything. A comprehensive plan to reintroduce prisoners of the Drug War back into society would be a crowning achievement of the Joe Biden presidency.

Yes, a Bernie Sanders presidency would have moved the country forward like nothing we’ve ever seen before. But that doesn’t seem to be a possibility. What we do have an opportunity to do is save this country from the imminent destruction we face if we are subjected to four more years of a Donald Trump presidency. For these 10 reasons, and so many more, Uncomfortable Conversations endorses Joe Biden for the President of the United States of America.

Interested in having an uncomfortable conversation about Joe Biden? We're down to chat. Reach out here or in our social channels. And don't forget to do your research to make sure your vote counts in November! Graphics by Britt Lowe.

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