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How Ocean Farming Could Save Planet Earth

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

by Murphy Bridwell

Picture this: You’re on vacation out on the West Coast and you decide to drive down to the ocean. Once you get there you find beautiful flat water and what seems like a forest of buoys. What you’ve stumbled upon is someone’s ocean farming plot!

What they are doing is called 3D Ocean Farming/Regenerative Ocean Farming, a practice identified as a key solution to climate change. Ocean Farming has the power to sequester carbon on land and sea, reduce methane production in livestock, rebuild marine ecosystems, enrich soil, and address the global plastics problem.

GreenWave is one of the big names in Ocean Farming and they have made a model readily available to the public. They state if you have a boat, a lease for 20 acres of ocean water, and $20-50k, you too can start up your own farm! On that 20 acres, you’ll raise Seaweed, Scallops, Mussels, Oysters, and Clams, along with your choice of over 200+ crops. Go ahead and check out Or, if you’d like a firsthand account from one of the leaders in ocean farming, read the revolutionary book “Eat Like A Fish” by the inventor of 3D Ocean Farming, Bren Smith.

Buy the book from your favorite local bookstore, like Strand in NYC and help keep indie retailers in business!

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