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The way that we make a difference in this world is by coming together to support individuals, causes, and organizations that are poised to make the most impact locally and globally. As we work to bring you the best content related to social equality, the climate crisis, and other progressive causes, we will continue to provide references for where your time and money can be well-spent.

These people and organizations thrive only with our collective assistance. Thanks for all you can do to support us and these other causes.


black businesses

One way to support the Black community is to support Black Businesses. Click to check out a vetted list of Black Owned Businesses. And email us if you'd like to add to our list.

Fight the climate crisis

The climate crisis poses the greatest existential threat to human life on Earth. To combat climate change, you need the right resources. We've gathered them here to make your search easier.


Social Equality

In today's America, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Mental Health all contribute to disenfranchisement. We're going to stop that. Here's how you can help.


Our WOrk

We promise to provide information on vetted people, organizations, and businesses to support.

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